Hopkinsville Electric Bringing Gig Internet Service

Hopkinsville will be taking a large step into the 21st Century. Hopkinsville Electric System announced Thursday evening it is rolling out Gig internet service. General Manager, Jeff Hurd says they have setup a place on the website for customers interested in having the service at their residence. 

In the coming weeks, Hurd says they will release more information as well as plans of where the service will be first offered. Most homes currently have 6 to 20 megabytes of Internet. Hurd says at those speeds it can take up to 30 minutes to download an HD movie. With Gigabyte service, he says that time will be cut down to about 30 seconds. 

The announcement was made at the Christian County Chamber of Commerce Business After-hours at the HES building on East 9th Street. Former General Manager, Austin Carroll join Hurd for the event.