Christian County Voters Say “No” To Nickel Tax

Christian County voters were overwhelming in their response to the nickel tax. The unofficial vote was 9,301 against to 4,651 for the nickel tax, a difference of 4,650 votes.

The issue first surfaced in February, when the Christian County School Board agreed to pursue the nickel tax in order to replace the two academic buildings — Hopkinsville High School first, and then Christian County High within five or six years.

Mark Graham organized the group opposed to the tax soon thereafter, under the name of “Citizens Right to Vote on Tax Increases.” After the results came in, the News Edge spoke to Graham who said it was a historic night in Christian County.

Graham thanked those who voted against the nickel tax and feels they sent a clear message.

Christian County Public Schools’ spokesman John Rittenhouse says the supporters of the nickel tax are obviously disappointed with the Tuesday night’s outcome but they will move forward.

When asked what’s next, he adds that is up to the school board.

While garnering support before the General Election, Christian County school officials said the enactment of the nickel tax would have generated an additional $2 million per year for the school district.