Beshear Claims Victory, Bevin Yet to Concede


Following an unprecedented close race for the Kentucky Governor seat, Democrat Attorney General Andy Beshear is claiming a victory as incumbent Governor Matt Bevin is holding out for the official call.

In the C2 Event Center, which became the Democratic headquarters for the evening, Attorney General Beshear expressed gratitude to the teachers for their part in his apparent victory, which came by a slim 0.4% margin.

He says though there are hard days in office, he is thankful for the support he has received.

Attorney General Beshear adds he expects Governor Bevin will honor the election results and assist in the transition.

Prior to Beshear’s comments, his running mate Jacqueline Coleman thanked the voters for their support. She says their agenda is a nonpartisan promise to the people.

Meanwhile, in the Galt House, which became the headquarters for Republicans, Governor Matt Bevin told supporters he is not ready to concede victory as the race is too close to call.

He adds he will support the election results and respect the will of the voters.

Although Governor Bevin won 98 counties to Attorney General Beshear’s 22, Beshear came out with a 5,300 vote margin. While some state-wide media outlets have called the race for Beshear, many maintain that it is still too close to call.

The News Edge was on-hand to provide live election coverage from both Beshear and Bevin headquarters located in Louisville.