Magistrates Discuss Idea Of Having One Meeting A Month

Trigg County magistrates started discussing the idea of having one meeting a month instead of two Monday night.

Judge/Executive Hollis Alexander says having just one meeting a month could be beneficial for the county.


Alexander adds in speaking with the community, he has heard great comments on only having one monthly meeting.

Magistrate Mike Wright shared some positive thoughts on the idea.


Other magistrates shared positive thoughts, with Alexander asking them to go back to their constituents to gather feedback from the community. He adds they will discuss the idea further during their next meeting on Monday evening, December 16.

Magistrates approved to surplus the former Animal Control Officer vehicle, a 2011 Ford F-150. In moving it to surplus, the county will be accepting sealed bids to sell in during their Monday evening, January 6, 2020 meeting.

Alexander noted during the comments portion of the meeting that Public Comments had been put back on the agenda, after much controversy in recent months. Alexander stated in an October meeting they were taken off because people were using it as a political platform.