Housing Authority Of Hopkinsville To Receive More CARES Act Funding

Image: Facebook

The Housing Authority of Hopkinsville is among several housing programs across the state that has been awarded additional CARES Act funding.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Wednesday that Kentucky communities have received a total of over $4.9 million for housing programs in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This funding is in addition to $92.6 million of CARES Act funding already allocated for housing and economic development in the commonwealth.

The Housing Authority of Hopkinsville’s share of the additional CARES Act funding is $98,811.

In addition to these funds, McConnell’s office says the CARES Act has had a $12 billion impact in Kentucky so far with $3.9 billion in relief to address urgent housing, transportation, healthcare, education, and economic development priorities. Kentucky small businesses, farmers, and nonprofits have also received more than $5.3 billion in assistance, including through over 49,000 PPP loans. Officials say Kentucky families have also received more than $3.2 million in Economic Impact Payments from the U.S. Treasury.