Governor Beshear says Follow New COVID-19 Steps

Governor Andy Beshear on Saturday said the state reported the second highest number of coronavirus cases and urged Kentuckians to adhere to the latest round of restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Beshear said Saturday was the second highest day, just behind Friday, with 3,711 new cases. He said the state continues to be in exponential growth, which will threaten the health care capacity. Thats why were taking action and that’s why were fighting back.

The Governor said the new restrictions are necessary to fight the exponential growth of the virus and voiced concern of reaching a point where there aren’t enough doctors and nurses to help those who are sick and who need their help.

As of Saturday, Governor Beshear reported 3,711 new cases, 21 new deaths, and a positivity rate 9.14%. Total deaths in the state climbed to 1,783, with 1,514 hospitalized, 370 in the ICU, and 202 currently on ventilators.

Top counties with the most positive cases Saturday were reported in Jefferson, Fayette and Warren. Counties seeing the greatest number of new cases were reported in Jefferson, Fayette, Oldham, Boyd and Hardin.