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Farmers Thank FSA Director For Service

Serving the farmers has been the focus of retiring Christian and Trigg County Farm Service Agency Director Coy Higdon. Several farmers and Farm Service Agency officials congratulated Higdon during a reception Tuesday afternoon. Among those on hand...Read More

Fourth Graders Learn At Trigg Farm Safety Day

Fourth graders from Trigg County Intermediate School are well-versed on farm safety following the Trigg County Progressive Farm Safety Day Thursday, September 12. All of the fourth grade classes spent their morning on the Bill Mize farm...Read More

Protecting The Bees

(By Lewis Bradley) There has been a lot of buzz (literally) around bees, and rightly so. Bees have captivated the hearts of America, honey is increasing in popularity, and the number of beekeepers and beehives around the...Read More

Livestock Safety On The Farm

(By Graham Cofield) Working Around livestock can be a very rewarding experience, particularly for our Young people. Children when working around livestock safely can learn many valuable life lessons including responsibility and work ethic, and who doesn’t...Read More

Garden Corner – Tropical Soda Apple

Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office Tropical Soda Apple – An Invasive Plant Threat Found in Kentucky Be on the lookout for an introduced invasive plant recently found in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  The plant identified as Tropical Soda...Read More