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How to Move a Tree

An especially common mistake many gardeners make is realizing that a large shrub or tree was planted in exactly the wrong spot in your landscape. Maybe it was planted too close to the house and is growing...Read More

Christian County Farm Bureau Thanks Legislators

Christian County Farm Bureau leaders are thanking local, area, state, and federal legislators for their continued willingness to listen to the needs of agriculture. Christian County Farm Bureau President J. E. Pryor told legislators during the Legislative...Read More

Southwest Trunk Injury

Injury to the thin bark of young trees and vines may occur when sunlight heats the lower trunk during the dormant season. If bark tissues are coaxed out of dormancy because of warm temperatures, they can be...Read More

Flowering Crabapples

One of the most diverse groups of ornamental trees is the crabapples. They truly are a plant that offers four seasons of beauty to your landscape. But chances are when you think of crabapple you think of...Read More

Attractive Large Shrubs With Four Season Interests

Making a garden interesting through the year starts by selecting shrubs with multiple interest or attractive features such as beautiful flowers, colorful fruit, exfoliating bark, or outstanding fall color. Now is a great time to select shrubs...Read More