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Garden Corner – Selecting Evergreens

Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office Selecting Evergreens Deciduous trees like oak, popular, and maple add color, texture and height to our landscapes.  Color is especially prominent in the fall.  Evergreens typically go un-noticed during this season...Read More

Corn Yield Entries Sought As Harvest Begins

With the corn harvest getting underway in Western Kentucky, county extension agents will be ready to assist farmers who may want to enter yield contests. Trigg County Agriculture Extension Agent Graham Cofield says some of the early...Read More

Garden Corner – Lace Bug Damage Appearing

Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office Lace Bug Damage Appearing Lace bugs are small insects, 1/4 to 1/8 inch long, broad, flattened and somewhat rectangular in shape. Their bodies are usually brown or black, but their wings...Read More

Garden Corner – Fall Webworm

Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office The Fall Webworm The unsightly webbing you may have noticed at the branch ends of many landscape trees are constructed by the fall webworm. This native pest is often discovered in...Read More

David Fourqurean Provides Agriculture Updates

McLean County Agriculture Extension Agent David Fourqurean discusses how the corn is not pollinating as well as it should right now. He encourages all to make sure they let their hay dry out before storing it. Fourqurean adds...Read More