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End of Summer Farm Safety

David Powell The end of summer is a busy time for farmers, as the days grow shorter and crops are ready for harvest. This is a time of corn mazes, pumpkin patches, mums, and late season farmers...Read More

Practicing Livestock Safety

Working Around livestock can be a very rewarding experience, particularly for our Young people.  Children when working around livestock safely can learn many valuable life lessons including responsibility and work ethic, and who doesn’t like to see...Read More

Potential Harmful Effects of Pesticides

David Fourqurean The two broad types of effects from pesticide exposure are: local or contact and systemic. Local effects may occur to the area of contact with skin, eyes, or respiratory tract. They are referred to as...Read More

Pesticide Safety

David Fourqurean Pesticides can have acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) health effects. The signal word on the product label and the information contained in the Hazards to Humans and Domestic Animals part of the Precautionary Statements section...Read More

Think About Safety During Fall Festival

 Mark Purschwitz, UK extension professor and agricultural safety and health specialist   Fall harvest season is a busy time for Kentucky farmers and their families. It also is a peak season for agricultural injuries and an especially...Read More

Extend Garden Color with Fall Blooming Perennials

Kelly Jackson Christian Co. Extension Office Extend Garden Color with Fall Blooming Perennials Soon gardeners will begin putting their perennials to bed for the winter. Adding mulch, cutting back old growth, and tidying beds are common practices...Read More