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Garden Corner – Flowering Crabapples

Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office Flowering Crabapples One of the most diverse groups of ornamental trees is the crabapples. They truly are a plant that offers four seasons of beauty to your landscape. But chances are...Read More

Christian County Farm Bureau Thanks Legislators

Christian County Farm Bureau is saying thank you to local, area and state legislators for their work on behalf of agriculture and rural Kentucky. State Farm Bureau First Vice President Eddie Melton thanked lawmakers for being willing...Read More

Pennyrile RC&D Honors Volunteers

  Some of the volunteers responsible for making things happen in the Pennyrile Resource, Conservation, and Development Area were honored during the organization’s annual dinner Tuesday at the Pioneers in Hopkinsville. RC & D Coordinator Charles Turner...Read More

Garden Corner – Home Invasion

Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office Home Invasion (of the Insect Kind) In Kentucky, movement of insects, specifically lady beetles and boxelder bugs, to buildings generally begins in late September continuing through mid-November. While they tend to...Read More

Protecting The Bees

(By Lewis Bradley) There has been a lot of buzz (literally) around bees, and rightly so. Bees have captivated the hearts of America, honey is increasing in popularity, and the number of beekeepers and beehives around the...Read More