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Garden Corner – Oak and Maple Leaf Scorch

Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office Oak and Maple Leaf Scorch It is not uncommon for stressed trees to drop leaves early, especially during late summer dry spells. But extra consideration should be given to oaks, especially...Read More

Trigg Farm Bureau Announces New Grant Program

Trigg County Farm Bureau is introducing educational grants for classroom teachers in the county school district. County President Alana Baker-Dunn announced the grants during the annual farm bureau meeting Friday at the Lexie Bush Convention Center. right-click...Read More

Trigg Farm Bureau Ready For Annual Meeting

Trigg County Farm Bureau will celebrate the 100th year of the state organization and hear from the future of agriculture during their annual meeting Friday night. Farm Bureau members will gather at the Trigg County Recreation Complex...Read More

AgQuest Announces Partnership With Agri-Chem

Agri-Chem is partnering with AgQuest Financial to provide a full compliment of services to their farmer customers across Western Kentucky. AgQuest Business Relationship Manager Jerry Gilliam says the partnership allows AgQuest and Agri-Chem to meet all of...Read More

Kentucky Soybean Farmers Show Off New Building

The new Kentucky Soybean Association building in Princeton will provide much needed room to grow and promote the soybean industry on behalf of farmers in the state. Soybean Association officials held an open house Tuesday to give...Read More