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Selecting Trees For Wet Sites

Did you know that wet, poorly drained soils are one of the most challenging soil types for growing plants in the landscape? I’m not really talking about sites that may flood in the spring for a few...Read More

Commissioner Quarles Urges Farmers To Apply For CFAP

Agriculture Commissioner Dr. Ryan Quarles is encouraging Kentucky farm families facing market disruptions and associated costs because of the coronavirus pandemic to sign up for the second round of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, which opened on...Read More

Beeler Joins TeachKyAg Team As EngAGe Speaker

Former Governor’s Office of Ag Policy Director Warren Beeler will continue spreading the message of Kentucky Agriculture with the Kentucky Agriculture in the Classroom program. Director Jennifer Elwell announced that Beeler, who is known as Mr. Agriculture,...Read More

Create A Bird Haven

Few things are as interesting and attractive as songbirds. Unfortunately, suitable habitat for birds is often in short supply. As urban areas expand and develop, natural areas are often destroyed or altered dramatically. By creating bird gardens,...Read More