96.5/100.9 WHVO Saturdays



6am – 10amMornings with Bill Booth





 10am – 3pmMid-days with Kimberly Allen





3pm – 5pm – Afternoons with Tony Winfield





5pm – 7pm-  Takin’ You Back with Kurt David.






Kurt has a spotlight each week on some of your favorite oldies! 

7pm – Midnight – Dick Bartley’s Classic Hits

Dick Bartley’s Rock and Roll’s Greatest Hits spotlights a favorite each week and plays your requests from the toll-free nationwide hotline. 

WHVO-Sunday Morning



Midnight – 6am(96.5/100.9) – Best of Oldies Music




6am – 7:30am(96.5/100.9) with Eddie Owen





7:30am (96.5/100.9) – Spiritual Jumpstart with St John’s Baptist





8am – (96.5/100.9) His Way Radio





8:30am – Good Shepherd 





9am – The Gaither Hour



10am – McCarroll Hill Baptist





10:45am – First Baptist Church Hopkinsville


100.9 WHVO- Sunday Morning




8:30am – Cadiz Christian Church 



  9:00am – East Cadiz Baptist Church 





9:30am – Crosstalk 




  10am – Liberty Point Baptist Church



10:30am – Sunday Morning Gospel Show 



11am – The Gaither Hour



96.5/100.9 WHVO – Sunday Afternoon

12pm – Noon News Edge 


12:15pm – Lunchtime with Eddie Owen





1pm – 4pm – American Top 40, the 70’s 

Original American Top 40 program from the 70’s.Casey still counts ‘em down, every Sunday afternoon!

4pm – 7pm – Goddard’s Gold 

7pm -Midnight – Rewind

“Rewind” with Gary Bryan will take a look back at the music,
movies and pop culture from the soundtrack to your life!