Trigg County Youth Leadership Continues Business Tours

Trigg County High School’s 2023-24 Youth Leadership Class kept a busy itinerary all of Thursday, visiting with leadership from Cadiz-Trigg Tourism and Canton’s newly-opened Red Brick Inn — before closing their efforts with a stop at the News Edge studios on D.J. Everett Drive.

Open to juniors and seniors each year, students apply for the program and go through a relatively rigorous process before finally being selected.

From there, they get unique behind-the-scenes snapshots of local businesses and industry — and get to speak directly with leadership teams from such, learning how they function and work.

Looking to attend Campbellsville University after graduating, Slaton Carter noted this group is strong.

Jacey Holmes said she enjoyed seeing the curtain pulled back on her community, and that there might be more to Cadiz than meets the eye.

Transient because of military obligations, Addison Cabbage moved to Trigg County a little over a year ago, and said she’s “never seen anything like” Trigg Leadership at school districts she previously attended.

She beamed she was honored to be on this team.

Like many students in this core curriculum, Rachel Price totes best-laid plans.

For Lizzie Butts, Youth Leadership has shown her the different pathways one can take if they choose to stay — or return — to Trigg County.

Around five years ago, Jessie Paulter moved to Trigg County — and has since found love and comfort. Youth Leadership, she said, has only further confirmed her findings.

Lance Breckel is one of just a handful of juniors in the squad, and as he plans his future, he’s been impressed with what Trigg County has to offer.

Ciarrah Burchnell said she’s very much enjoyed absorbing the smaller details of Trigg County careers.

It’s not uncommon for Trigg County’s best and brightest to join the medical ranks, and it’s Adaline Chalfin’s hopes to do just that.

Briley Williams echoed Chalfin, too, noting she wants to go to Hopkinsville Community College and stay close to family — before becoming an NICU nurse.

The daughter of Ag Edge and News Edge Director Alan Watts needs little introduction here, but Jennie Watts also plans to attend HCC and transfer to Murray State University — where she will focus on broadcasting and journalism, while pursuing her love of agriculture.

Tim Bush had an observing role to play Thursday — as bus driver and proud principal.

This group of students still has another semester together under the leadership of Angelica Garnett and Cameron Brown.