Two Primary Election Debates for Ward 9


Five candidates are vying for the chance to be the Hopkinsville City Council Ward 9 representative. Thursday night, the three democratic candidates and the two republican candidates answered questions as part of the first night of League of Women Voters primary debates.

Incumbent Jamie Lienberger says she wants to continue working on issues near to her heart.

click to download audioHer primary challenger, Brittanie Bogard says she has two goals if elected.

click to download audioHomelessness is a topic the City Council is discussing. When asked about it, Bogard says you can’t just address half the problem.

click to download audioLienberger says she has talked with the Salvation Army staff about the issue.

click to download audio
Meanwhile, the Democratic challengers discussed similar issues. Ardell Owens says incentives are very important to attract and grow small businesses.

click to download audioAngelique Victor says the city is on the right path but could do more.

click to download audioMonike Love says small businesses should be a focus.

click to download audioWhen asked about growing the population, Love says we have houses, they just need some work.

click to download audioVictor says it will come down to what consumers want.

click to download audioOwens says there should be a focus on current housing stock.

click to download audioThe debates will be available for viewing on the League of Women Voters Facebook page.

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